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We lived in a small village where everybody knew each other — people were nice and friendly. Growing up in a nice house with a yard as big as a two city blocks was not easy. Every year we hand picked currants, what was my favorite, yet time consuming job. Our whole family and friends would gather every morning until night to help out. We would pick the currants on a hot, humid day from small, green bushes that were planted on our land. Every afternoon my parents and older family members would go out and sell them to different stores.

  • People plan trips and vacations around these places because they are so famous.
  • So, with the given discussion, it is easily understood that these two human settlements are very different, regarding the density of human structures and the residents of that area.
  • Tourists in New York often want to experience famous places like Broadway, Times Square, The Rockefeller Center, and the Statue of Liberty.
  • Rural life is quite peaceful as people here do not lead a hectic lifestyle.
  • Moreover, in city, they have many modern and well-equipped hospitals, as well as more talented doctors, which lead to a higher price of medical care to pay for those better services.

Small cities are characterized by a scarce population and a relatively simple life. On the contrary, life in big cities is typified by commotions compare and contrast essay between city and village and impersonal relationships. According to Fischer those who prefer big cities do so because of the facilities that are found in these cities .

Essay on City Life Vs Village Life 1 100 words

Even the payments work almost the same as with Uber, with the bulk of the sum going to the writer and a small commission awarded to the writing company that connected you two. Education is more prevalent, and thus, progress happens faster. Cities are more advanced and have better standards of living. But, the lack of understanding between people leads to less or almost no cordial relations.

compare and contrast essay between city and village

People who live in the two areas might have and use many different kinds of technology such as smart phones, Iphones, computers, laptops, etc. However, people who live in the city can have more opportunities to access to new technologies than people who live in the village. Sometimes, I think about where my own future house should be; in a city or in a village. I like to live in the two areas because they have many different interesting aspects. After I compare the air, the technology and the schools of the two areas, I finally make a decision to live in a city. A village is a small group of settlements which is usually located in a rural area although they can also be found in several urban areas.

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The fact that farm life does not have hurdles and problems in comparison to city life, many people still settle down for it. Countryside refers to the geographical area that is located outside of towns and cities whereas the city refers to a large human settlement which is bigger than a town or village.

A city has advanced systems to manage transportation, housing, sanitation, communication, etc. whereas the countryside doesn’t have many facilities. Moreover, there is also a lack of employment opportunities in the countryside, unlike in cities, which offer a great many employment opportunities.

Comparison and Contrast Essay 2

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It refers to a small settlement, which is outside the boundaries of a city, commercial or industrial area. It may include, countryside areas, villages or hamlets, where there are natural vegetation and open spaces. The primary source of income of the residents is agriculture and animal husbandry. Cottage Industries also form a chief source of income here. The term urban simply refers to the region or area which is densely populated and possess the characteristics of the man-made surroundings. The people residing in such area, are engaged in trade, commerce or services. In this settlement, there is high scale industrialisation that results in better employment opportunities.

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Therefore, people living in cities go to villages during their holidays to take a break from the polluted and contaminated urban environment. Cities, being more technologically and scientifically advanced, have a higher rate of cars and buses.

  • The high cost of living is a final way that these two cities are similar.
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  • They share mutual happiness as well as sorrow with each other as per the circumstances of life.
  • In small towns, it is deemed that it is only the low earner who lives in these towns and that’s why prices are generally favorable to accommodate them.

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Essay on City Life Vs Village Life 2 150 words

Big cities and small cities also have environmental differences. The environment in a big city is more polluted as compared to that of a small assignment help accounting city. This is brought about by the presence of several large industries and the enormous waste generated by the residents of big cities.

Some people earn their living from animal husbandry and agro-based cottage industries. When farmers plough their fields in the morning sun, the chirping of birds that accompanies the movement of the oxen seems to hum a melody of hard work. Farmers are innocent by nature unlike some of their urban counterparts who lose their inner goodness in the cut-throat world of materialism in cities. Although we can’t earn so much money as urban city, we could have a healthier life, happiness and better relationship with our friends and family.

Big Cities vs Small Cities: Compare and Contrast Essay

And the fast food are very healthy which contain a lot calories which causes obesity. Moreover, they have to seize all the chances, so they become very tense at anytime; therefore, they are so stressful. So, with the given discussion, it is easily understood that these two human settlements are very different, regarding the density of human structures and the residents of that area. The standard of living in urban areas is higher in comparison to the rural areas. At present, the maximum part of the total population resides in urban areas, as well as the total land area occupied by the urban region is greater than the rural areas. There are many advantages of life in urban areas like easy access to various amenities, better transportation facilities, entertainment and education options, health facilities.

compare and contrast essay between city and village

On the contrary, in the city life farm produce foods such as vegetable, fruits, and animal products are usually stored with perseverative and can pose serious health harms. The fact that the country life offer less polluted air, clean water, and food make it more ideal place for healthy living. Unfortunately, the search for jobs and the glare of material comforts and facilities is leading to large-scale migration of people from rural to urban areas. Though, now villages in the country are now also advancing in terms of standard of living. Farmers are now using modern agricultural implements, and in place of oxen, they are ploughing the fields with tractors. The first difference between city dwellers and country dwellers is life style. Life style of city dwellers is not friendly and close; each family has a particular style and they are not interesting in each other.

Village definition and examples

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compare and contrast essay between city and village

The fast base may be due to the attraction of different people from different areas who come to utilize the opportunities in the big cities. In a big city, there is entertainment and better education. Since many people living in the big city prefer to have better living standards, we have online dissertation writing services many entertainment and educational facilities within the city . County life and City life offer two different lifestyles which significantly affect how people live. The difference in the type of living includes the environment, economic opportunities, and the quality of social life.

They are also business centers in their respective countries. These cities are on opposite hemispheres and have different languages, food, and culltures. Their climates and economies are also very distinct from one another. With all of these obvious differences, you may be surprised that there are also many similarities that these two large cities share.

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