14 Types Of Hook Sentences In Essays

If the protagonist is experiencing a moment of confusion in the opening scene, reader questions will abound. This opening paragraph leads us to sympathise with the main character, August, but we also want to know why it is that other kids run away screaming when they see him. The author creates intrigue right away with this opening. This is probably the most common how to introduce a quote way to get a reader engaged with a story right away. Of course, there are varying degrees of action and not all involve high-speed chases or explosions. However, by dropping readers into the middle of a tense scene, you are likely going to pique their interest. Whether you need proofreading, editing, or writing a sample essay from scratch – we have got you covered.

  1. This will help you to get and then keep the audience’s attention.
  2. The reason for this is that between auctions, bidders learnt from previous auctions, came up with new strategies and learnt more about their rivals.
  3. You’re probably thinking a lot about what a college essay “should” look like, but almost anything can be your topic if presented the right way.
  4. If you want to write on sensitive topics, then it is better to choose a simile like poetry and history.
  5. When it comes to auction design, the two crucial components are attracting entry and preventing collusion.
  6. Signposting the different parts of the essay will help your reader establish the key points discussed and identify your position on the issue.

All introduction paragraphs for all Writing Task 2 essays should have a background statement and a thesis statement. When polishing your essay, it would be helpful to remember that the thesis statement should present the essay’s main idea. Check to make sure the thesis statement corresponds to the main argument, especially if your views changed or evolved during the process.

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This is the creative part, taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary. Imagine you’re in an exam and you are asked to write a creative piece called ‘The Party’. Before you decide what you’d write, it’s useful to remember that you do whatever you want with the prompt as long as it’s somehow connected to a party.

different types of essay hooks

As you go about deciding on the content of your essay, you need to keep in mind that a reflective essay is highly personal and aimed at engaging the reader or target audience. And there’s much more to a reflective essay than just recounting a story. You need to be able to reflect on your experience by showing how it influenced your subsequent behaviours and how your life has been particularly changed as a result. Notable WorkAuthorDateDescriptionEssaisMichel de Montaigne1580The French word ‘essais’ means attempts – or tries. When Montaigne wrote this new style, it was starkly different from the rigidly structured essay we think of today.

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Bell hooks is heavily influenced by Paulo Freire whom she met and worked with on a number of occasions. She uses a quote from him at the beginning of Teaching Community to illustrate its subtitle. ‘It is imperative that we maintain hope even when the harshness of reality may suggest the opposite’ bell hooks writes. Bell hooks became a teacher and a writer – writing about one book a year. Her use of a pseudonym arose from a desire to honour her grandmother and her mother, and a concern to establish a ‘separate voice’ from the person Gloria Watson.

different types of essay hooks

Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which to do this. Play around with your story hook and change it if needed; just make sure that, in the end, you go with one that works well with the story https://www.johnecke.de/harper-lee-s-representation-of-the-theme-of-racism/ you want to tell. If your story has ominous undertones, consider starting it in a similar manner. Give readers a piece of information that spooks them, yet also lures them into the story.

Stay Away From Description

Avoid vague adjectives such as ‘okay’ or ‘nice’ as they don’t really offer much insight into your feelings and personality. Be more specific – this will make your writing more engaging. Once you’ve chosen the topic of your essay, it’s really important you study it thoroughly and spend a lot of time trying to think about it vividly. Write down everything what is short essay you can remember about it, describing it as clearly and fully as you can. Keep your five senses in mind as you do this, and be sure to use adjectives to describe your experience. At this stage, you can simply make notes using short phrases, but you need to ensure that you’re recording your responses, perceptions, and your experience of the event.

  1. She maintains that it is vital to challenge all the misinformation that is constantly directed at people and poses as objective unbiased knowledge.
  2. This example matter-of-factly states an idea that, when we look at it, is a bit odd.
  3. Austria, on the other hand, adopted Germany’s auction design but was not so lucky and only earned 100 euros per capita.
  4. The essay might stop here, then zoom out and give the reader context before revealing what happened.
  5. Nonetheless, in the model we recommend, the fundamentals remain the same.
  6. In these pages, we show you how to adapt your writing to different written assessments.
  7. However, your main ideas are not particularly strong.

There are no rules for marking as to how much it will affect your score. As with all errors, they affect the what is a bridge in an introduction paragraph score, but in no particular amount. At least, you know your error and won’t make the same mistake again.

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Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 US election was nothing short of a revolution (Hook – start your essay with a strong opening statement that grabs readers’ attention). The Democrat’s last stand largely rested on Mrs Clinton’s strength in the Midwest. Those were states that had gone Democrat for decades, based in part on the support of black and working-class white voters. The thesis statement is typically the final sentence in the introduction. The thesis clearly defines your topic and gives the audience an overview of what will be covered. Another great technique is starting with a life-changing moment for your protagonist. This is usually a moment that thrusts the character into the story’s conflict, aka the inciting incident.

If your essay is more about a theme than a series of events, still move logically from idea to idea and find places where you can include scenes to ground your writing. Pull the reader into the scene by starting with something a “character” said. This is particularly effective when it’s something unexpected or an idea you return to throughout the essay.

How To Write A Hook

Like the story hook, it’s you to decide if this hook works for your writing or not. The second and final statement is the thesis statement. It provides the reader with a clear answer to the task. As is the case with all essays, your reflective essay must begin within an introduction that contains both a hook and a thesis statement. The point of having a ‘hook’ is to grab the attention of your audience or reader from the very beginning. You must portray the exciting aspects of your story in the initial paragraph so that you stand the best chances of holding your reader’s interest. Refer back to the opening quote of this article – did it grab your attention and encourage you to read more?

  1. What might you write about if the following tasks came up in an exam?
  2. So our essay is all about improving health and possible solutions.
  3. An essay about a lesson you learned or a perspective that shifted has a clear growth narrative and encourages self-reflection.
  4. Avoid writing a simple definition of the idea you are exploring as the opening sentence.

All you need to pay someone from experts delegating your assignment to start reaping the benefits. One of the most effective ways to open your paper is with an anecdote that will spark the reader’s interest with a compelling story. After all, people respond well to stories and typically will remember the information found in stories better than reading an out-of-context list of facts. When you use a brief but memorable anecdote, you’ll grab the quoting an article in an essay reader’s attention and make it more likely that they will remember the content of your paper after they’ve finished reading it. She is particularly scathing about the power and the effect of television on the American public. She sees parents and students fearing alternative ways of thinking. She maintains that it is vital to challenge all the misinformation that is constantly directed at people and poses as objective unbiased knowledge.

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You don’t need a hook to start your introduction in IELTS. Just paraphrase the essay question exactly as it is. Leave an empty line between paragraphs to make them clear. If https://www.fabscout.com/2023/03/16/should-college-athletes-be-paid-essay-examples/ the examiner can’t easily see them , you’ll get a lower mark. Also pay attention to your topic sentences – they need to be written more fully and in a more connected way.

different types of essay hooks

In essence, a thesis statement sums up the essay’s central idea in one or two sentences. A great hook will get your reader’s attention, but your job as the author is to hold onto it.

What are introductory phrases examples?

Facts and statistics are the best hooks as they provide proven data to your readers. You can impress them with the research and knowledge from the opening of your paper or an essay. Carrying an introduction is the most crucial element while you are writing an academic paper. It can give your reader an idea of what is coming next in the complete definition argumentative essay paper. Your ideas will develop as you write, and your topic might shift once you see it on paper. You’ve probably heard the advice “show, don’t tell.” You will need some “telling” in your essay, your reflections on what you learned and why this story is important. But show the reader your story through dialogue and specific details.

What are some hook examples?

  • I lost my arm on my last trip home.
  • A screaming comes across the sky.
  • It began the usual way, in the bathroom of the Lassimo Hotel.
  • Miss Brooke had that kind of beauty which seems to be thrown into relief by poor dress.
  • We slept in what once had been the gymnasium.
  • It was love at first sight.

The following introduction paragraph is taken from our essay example “Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 US elections”. StudySmarter is commited to creating, free, high quality explainations, opening education to all. By registering you get free access to our website and app which will help you to super-charge your learning process. Persuasive writing is used in advertising, the media, and by speechwriters.

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