NFT Card Game Parallel Achieves $500M Valuation

However, the Echelon team plans to grant some tokens to other game projects that run through their ecosystem. In the future, PRIME will also function as a governance token. For instant, Parallel is much more a curiosity rather than a game, but it will change soon during its progressive development. The distribution of the “Genesis α” collection will be happening progressively.

Two other pieces have sold for closer to $100,000 as speculation reaches a climax. The floor price for the more common cards, meanwhile, is currently at 0.04 ETH. The concept of Paragons shapes the main characters of each faction, which further enhances the narrative potential. I really don’t need to say too much here, the artistic level is self-evident. There is no doubt that Parallel has the most impressive artistic design I have ever seen in a card game. One other thing to note is as other games begin to launch on the Echelon ecosystem, they will bring with them their own set of Game Sinks. Parallel Alpha NFTs were sold 1932 times in the last 7 days.

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This story is fascinating, and I suggest you click here to read more. Parallel Studios is developing the next AAA sci-fi franchise and leveraging blockchain/nft tech to deploy our IP as cards, games, comics, movies, & more! We are fast moving, innovative, & flexible in a way that has allowed us to grow rapidly into one of, if not the most well-regarded nft gaming companies in the world. We aim to continue breaking ground as we merge blockchain tech with traditional entertainment to create a new paradigm in which the users own parts of the digital worlds they grow to love.

Can I play Windows games on Parallels?

With Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac and later you can play Windows games that require DirectX 11. If you upgrade to Parallels Desktop 15 from earlier versions, DirectX 11 will become available automatically in Windows after installing new Parallels Tools. Play many favorite games including: Madden 19.

The game also has an intricate background story and mythology, which should promote a lot of game narratives and related content, such as books, comics, episodes and movies. The online company has had a more meteoric rise than most crypto projects, and investors have noticed. Parallel is on the path to becoming one of the hottest games in NFTs (non-fungible token). The game is in active development and the game is being tested internally. We look to share a demo/beta version of the game before 2023. You may create more than one deck, and play as any of the Parallels for each match. This used I/O Card has been inspected and appears to be in good condition. It was pulled from a working environment where it was in use and functional. Please view our photo set and contact us if you have any questions. Will we see the blockchain and the metaverse come to Switch?

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By the way, universal cards can be used with no matter which Parallel. This set contains only one of the 5 Parallel types, plus „General Card”. So the universal card is a bit like the trump card in playing cards, and it is the only card that can be used with any set of cards. Its design team members have experience in Blizzard, Epic Games, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft/Ubisoft, DreamWorks Animation/DreamWorks Animation and many other large studios. The feeling of excitement of not knowing what cards you had in your hand, is what the creators are bringing back to the digital world.
parallel card game
OCG cards, Pokemon cards and Dragon Ball Heroes, and other collectibles from Japan. The content published on this website is not aimed to give any kind of financial, investment, trading, or any other form of advice. does not endorse or suggest you to buy, sell or hold any kind of cryptocurrency. Before making financial investment decisions, do consult your financial advisor. BitDegree Crypto Portfolio Tracker is a powerful crypto market analysis tool that helps to rank, uncover & track dApps, NFTs & DeFis in easier and much smarter ways. List real-time & historical crypto metrics, set conditional events, get instant signals, discover rising opportunities & reach your crypto strategies successfully. Based on the roadmap, the 3rd and 4th sales of cards will take place in October 2021 and January 2022 respectively. The development of the game will start in November 2021.

Card: Earthen Parallel Collectible Card Back

The team’s primary focus is to open Echelon’s infrastructure to other games in the P2E community. The platform includes a limited supply of PRIME to allocate resources, create smart contracts, and issue NFT protocols. This news comes as gaming has become an increasingly popular sector of the NFT ecosystem, contributing a large percentage towards NFT sales that skyrocketed to $10.7B in Q3. The Parallel Alpha NFT data chart shows that this ETH protocol-deployed dApp made 13.6K sales in the last 30D. The NFT had 5.9K users & a Volume of $3.2M, and was gaining in growth with a 401.39% spike in Volume for the last 30 days. Lord of Dragons is a classic 3D MMORPG that introduces NFTs, P2E mechanics, and high-quality gameplay to users around the world.
In their division, humans have taken their next step in evolution, simultaneously… Now, the Priming marks their need to return to Earth to vie for its control. Conflict is inevitable, and the outcome is still unknown. Parallel is showing the world how to develop from influence, instead of position. So many games have never involved the people who will eventually go on to play for hours every day. Parallel is walking with the people and—in doing so—creating what I believe is the model for future triple A studios that want into blockchain gaming. The project is based around a fantasy storyline about humanity’s escape from space following an apocalyptic attempt to resolve a global energy crisis.

3/ The game also has an intricate background story and mythology, which should promote a lot of cool game narratives and related content, such as books, comics, episodes and movies. Parallel is an NFT card collecting game , and in my opinion, it may play an important role in the large-scale popularization of NFT. It is recommended for those who want to buy some NFT cards but don’t know where to start. What I loved the most about this drop was that it didn’t price out the little guy.

Players can attach morph keys to a specific card that also brings additional PRIME tokens during the final stage of the gameplay. And lastly, thanks to mirror keys, it’s possible to receive all key bonuses that the opponent possesses. Parallel, a sci-fi card game based on the Ethereum blockchain, has had a more meteoric rise than most crypto projects, and investors have noticed. The platform tells TechCrunch they’ve raised $50 million at a half-billion dollar valuation from crypto VC firm Paradigm. Previous investors include YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley, Focus Labs, OSS Capital and Yunt Capital, among others. Parallel is a Sci-Fi Trading Card Game utilizing the power of Non-Fungible Tokens to give players ownership of their cards and other game assets. The cards can be used to build a deck and play in an online client / mobile game which is currently in development. The game is to be played with cards gamers can acquire from buying booster packs in drops from the dev team or bought on the secondary market via an NFT marketplace.

You Wont Believe How Much This NFT Sci

This 7 days, sci-fi-inspired NFT undertaking Parallel elevated $50 million to acquire their investing card sport. The announcement comes as the crew prepares for a new card pack drop during the upcoming months. • A brilliant 54 card pre-constructed deck to help you get started playing the Digimon Trading Card Game. You can create more than 1 deck of cards, and play as any of the Parallels for each match. does not endorse any content or product on this page.

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Collectible card games are an exciting and lucrative game type, but there are few outstanding performances in projects in this field. The current major card game IPs include “Magic the Gathering”, “Hearthstone”, “Yu-gi-oh” and “Pokemon” . Strangely, I said that there are very few outstanding games in this category, because you can think of other game types, such as role-playing games or first-person shooters . After addressing the supply concerns and scalability of Parallel Trading Card Game, the Prime Foundation offers some clarity on the other types of NFT cards they have released and the uses cases. Between card backs, masterpieces, and keys – the game has multiple digital assets that now have proposed mechanics. The following describe each assets specific utility within the $PRIME ecosystem. Allows players to use various types of keys to modify how they earn rewards. For instance, galaxy keys unlock random amounts of additional incentives; overlock keys enable players who are on a winning streak to earn extra PRIME tokens.

NFT Collectors Are Flipping Parallel Cards for Six Figures – Crypto Briefing

NFT Collectors Are Flipping Parallel Cards for Six Figures.

Posted: Tue, 03 Aug 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

It has started with final launch of 15 cards during the presale on 25th of March and then during sales of first packs on 31st of July 2021. 11/ The special edition (abbreviated as „SE”) cards are basically rare versions of the standard edition. They have the same functions in the game, but look different in AR, and can be exchanged for cooler flash cards /Holofoil physical card . Earth, far in the future, drained from supporting human life has fallen into a desperate need for energy. Humanity attempted to unlock the solution by hastily experimenting with anti-matter. Humans were forced to abandon Earth and head into the unknowns of space in separate directions.
parallel card game
We have seen the overall growth of the CCG industry and the expected growth, but compared with another similar type of board game, the CCG market penetration rate is obviously lagging behind. Board games have similar simulation and publicity to CCG, and similarly, the sense of immersion is weaker than other game categories. They did not colonize the land, but used their spacecraft as their permanent home. They skillfully mine resources and continuously expand their base of operations to asteroids. In order to survive its cruel and demanding lifestyle, Augencore uses electromechanical and bionic technology to modify and enhance itself in a very efficient manner. Machines and human beings became one… They finally discovered the way back to earth and embarked firmly on the return journey. Products marked as “online only” on our website are not available in store.

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Pokemon Go TCG Release Date.

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It is very exciting to observe how IP develops inside and outside the trading card field and affects the form and characteristics of the game. Read more about 1 ether to usd here. A great story is also crucial to immersion and the success of modern TCG IP. Once we are visually attracted by art design, the story is the real link that connects us to the new universe. I read “World of Warcraft”, Elder Scrolls and other game stories purely for fun. I think Parallel is indeed one of the best story narratives I have ever seen.

How long is Parallels free trial?

The trial period is long (90 days). The 14-day trial of Parallels Desktop is now the limiting factor. If the application you are testing requires its own activation, this may cause problems when you install the application again in another VM.

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